Pricing Details

Information about pricing of the available services.


The price for using my music in your projects.


$ 0 per music
  • Only for non-profit projects. Profitable project is not allowed and will be charged. Crediting to ALVIYAN with image/link is a requirement.
  • * Read the license

Profit Project

$ 50 per music
  • For your profitable project. Only for several projects depends on agreement.
  • Contact us for more informations.


$ 1100 per music
  • Applicable with big screen cinema movie/film project. Only for 1 project.
  • Contact us for more informations.

Ultra Big Cinema

$ ???? per music
  • Price will be applied if you are one of the international big major film studios in the world!
  • Movie time!

Major film studios:
Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros. Entertainment, NBCUniversal, Fox Entertainment Group, Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group, Viacom, Lions Gate Motion Picture Group.

Graphic Design

Price information


$ 30 per design
  • Suitable for simple design like a graphic media advertising.


$ 70 per project
  • Suitable for growing business or startup which need a logo and other designs.
  • 3 designs max.


$ 90 per project
  • Suitable for everything you need for your project.
  • 5 designs max.


$ 200 per project
  • Suitable for your ultimate company. Contact us for more details.
  • 5 designs max.
Note: Price might be changed without notices. For more info or question, send an email to us.
Alviyan Jayadiars. AlviyanOfficial.



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Email: [email protected]
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